Stay healthy in 2020…
and still eat Sausage Shed sausages!

Gym memberships. health kicks and new diets are among the most popular new year resolutions in 2017. Many of us are battling to keep up with our ‘keep lean’ resolutions and not fall back into our old ways.

It’s not easy, however, goal setting can really make a difference to how successful you are with your resolutions. Maybe it’s just a case of having something to aim towards that keeps you motivated and makes it easier to get those trainers on or say ‘No’ to that piece of cake.

This is exactly what our Ivan did when he set a goal to compete in the Langport Triathlon. Ivan’s motivation was two-fold, to raise money for Marie Curie, a charity close to his heart, and also to increase his own fitness. Embarking on a strict fitness regime also led to Ivan deciding to follow a diet plan to optimise his training and this meant giving up on his own product…sausages (apart from the crucial tasting of any new recipes, of course)!

Fast forward to today and the launch of The Sausage Shed’s first low-fat sausage – Lean and Lite Pork and Apple Sausages. This gluten free recipe, with less 5% fat, was formulated by Ivan during his training months so that he could continue to enjoy his own delicious sausages as part of his diet plan. Ivan did incredibly well; completed the Triathlon and lost a quite a few pounds along the way.

Ivan Langport Triathlon

Lean and Lite Pork and Apple sausages are great whether you’re on a diet plan or just looking for a healthier alternative to regular sausages. Flavoursome and juicy, with a hint of sweetness from the apple, they’re great in any recipe and Lean and Lite Pork and Apple Sausage Meat is also available to create even more great dishes with.

Why not give them and try and let us know what you think? Just give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter.

For more information about Marie Curie or the Langport Triathlon follow the links below:

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