Christmas Survival Pack


Christmas with Trimmings Galore!

The Sausage Shed Christmas Survival Pack includes both Traditional Pork and Boozy Cranberry Pork sausage meat for stuffing, chipolatas, cocktail sausages and streaky bacon to trim your turkey, delicious Home Cured Back Bacon and Taste of the West Regional Champions – Traditional Pork Sausages – for your Boxing Day breakfast; and last but by no means least, the special Taste of the West Gold Award winning Boozy Christmas Cranberry Pork sausages, simply for your own indulgence.

All contents of the pack are ideal for freezing until you need to use them.

The last order date for Christmas delivery is Friday 14th December.

Pack contents:
1 x Boozy Christmas Cranberry Sausage Meat (454g)
1 x Traditional Sausage Meat (454g)
2 x Home Cured Back Bacon (300g)
1 x Streaky Bacon (454g)
1 x Pork Chipolatas (500g)
1 x Pork Cocktail Sausages (454g)
1 x TotW Regional Champion – Traditional Pork Sausages (500g)
1 x TotW Gold Award Winning Boozy Christmas Cranberry Sausages (500g)

Since it’s Christmas¬†postage and packaging is free.

Sausages are packed by weight and sold in 500g packs which normally yields 5 sausages. Because our sausages are handmade, they may vary in size slightly. Minimum pack size is 475g.